Pureco Eggshell sealer

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Pureco Eggshell Sealer is designed to be used to finish and seal paints, transfers and decoupage. 
•. Sheen level is between matte and satin
•. Easy clean finish and water clean up

•. May be tinted with any Pureco paint colour and   
    used as a glaze 

•  Apply one coat with a brush, spray on, apply with  
    lint free damp cloth or sponge

•. Two coats should be sufficient.
•.  Allow your first coat to dry thoroughly before 

     applying your second coat 

•   Coverage is 13 square metres per litre

•   Drying time: 30 mins touch dry/ Recoat 4 hours

•   Water wash up/ 100% washable

•   Do not apply in direct sunlight

•   Use in well ventilated area